So humans always have had three possi­bi­li­ties
when meeting others:
they could cho­ose war,
they could erect a wall ,
they could start a dialogue…

R. Kapu­ściń­ski

Have a look aro­und. Take a close look at the world sur­ro­un­ding you – your street, your work­place, your study place, your leisure-time space. More and more often you meet people from other coun­tries, repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of other cul­tu­res – new­co­mers from Ger­many, Cau­ca­sus, Viet­nam, China, Ghana, Spain, Chech­nya and Soma­lia…
Other cul­tu­res fasci­nate us, but we often don’t under­stand the beha­viour of fore­ign per­sons, even tho­ugh we have a com­mon base for under­stan­ding as we all speak English.
Why is this? How can we life in an inter­cul­tu­ral world? How can we bene­fit from the rich­ness which is given to us by con­tact with other people?
As Poland is beco­ming a coun­try where more and more fore­ign per­sons find their new home, you might get in con­tact with inter­cul­tu­ral milieu in future. Maybe in the school class you are going to teach there will be chil­dren from other coun­tries.
During our work­shops we want to con­si­der what cul­ture really is and what cha­rac­te­ri­zes it. How sho­uld we coope­rate and how sho­uld we cre­ate our com­mon reality by dia­lo­gue with others, so that it opens possi­bi­li­ties for all and eve­ry­one of us can bene­fit.
„Mię­dzy INNYMI” (trans­late Amongst OTHERS) is exac­tly about this: How can we under­stand OTHERS without erec­ting walls between us. How can we start real, inter­cul­tu­ral DIALOGUE?

Join us!