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  1. This website pro­mo­ting Inter­cul­tu­ral Edu­ca­tio­nal Work­shops uses so cal­led Cookies.
  2. Cookies are com­pu­ter based data espe­cially text files, which are saved on the user’s com­pu­ter in order to browse the pre­sent website. Cookies usu­ally con­tain the name of the website from which they have been sent, reten­tion time of the data on the user’s com­pu­ter as well as an indi­vi­dual number.
  3. The party saving cookies on the user’s com­pu­ter and using access to them is the website ope­ra­tor: Ser­wisu Polish Natio­nal Agency for the Pro­gramme “Youth in Action” with its head-office in ul. Moko­tow­ska 43, 00–551 Warsaw
  4. Cookies are used for the fol­lo­wing purposes:
    • Cre­ation of sta­ti­stics which help to under­stand how users make use of this web offer. This helps to improve the struc­ture and con­tent of the website;
    • Avo­idance of the ses­sion being clo­sed by the website ope­ra­tor (after login). The user doesn’t have to regi­ster login and pas­sword on every sin­gle sub page;
  5. This website uses two basic kinds of cookies: ses­sion cookies and per­si­stent cookies. Ses­sion cookies are files, which are limi­ted to a cer­tain time and the­re­fore saved on the user’s com­pu­ter only until he/she logs out, leaves the website or shuts down the web brow­ser.  Per­si­stent cookies are saved on the user’s com­pu­ter over a long-time period in the cookie-settings or until they are dele­ted by the user.
  6. The web brow­ser usu­ally auto­ma­ti­cally saves cookie files on the user’s com­pu­ter. You can change set­tings con­cer­ning this mat­ter on your com­pu­ter. For deta­iled infor­ma­tion ple­ase check your “Help” and “History” –options. If you don’t want to rece­ive cookie files, ple­ase change your brow­ser settings:
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