Foreseen results

Stu­dents joining the work­shops deve­lop the fol­lo­wing competences:


  • get­ting to know and under­stan­ding the idea and goals of inter­cul­tu­ral education
  • get­ting to know and under­stan­ding the idea and the value of non-formal education
  • get­ting to know and under­stan­ding the most impor­tant terms in con­nec­tion with inter­cul­tu­ral education
  • get­ting to know phe­no­mena at the point of cul­tu­ral con­tact, under­stan­ding their impact on inter­cul­tu­ral coope­ra­tion and lear­ning stra­te­gies how to cope with them
  • expen­ding know­ledge of their own per­so­nal cul­tu­ral back­gro­und and its effect on their own per­so­nal world view and their own per­so­nal behaviour
  • expan­ding know­ledge of possi­ble misun­der­stan­dings in inter­cul­tu­ral com­mu­ni­ca­tion and stra­te­gies how to cope with them
  • Get­ting to know pro­gram­mes help­ful for reali­za­tion of own inter­cul­tu­ral projects


  • abi­lity to describe and explain cul­tu­ral processes
  • abi­lity to esta­blish and build posi­tive inter­cul­tu­ral contacts
  • abi­lity to adapt the own beha­viour to a cul­tu­ral con­text, capa­bi­lity of coping with ambi­gu­ous situations
  • deve­lop­ment of abi­li­ties con­cer­ning effec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tion in dif­fe­rent inter­cul­tu­ral con­te­xts (edu­ca­tion, work, pri­vate life)
  • Under­stan­ding and exten­sion of abi­li­ties to ana­lyze values, norms and sche­mes of behaviour
  • abi­lity to “read” mes­sa­ges accor­ding to the com­mu­ni­ca­tion code of a cer­tain culture
  • Per­fec­tion of abi­li­ties to cope with misun­der­stan­dings and dif­fi­cult situ­ations in various inter­cul­tu­ral situations.
  • abi­lity for cri­ti­cal reflec­tion con­cer­ning for instance their own per­so­nal ste­reo­type con­struc­tion of reality


  • awa­re­ness of the exi­stence of cul­tu­ral differences
  • sen­si­ti­za­tion for cul­tu­ral diversity
  • per­cep­tion of diver­sity as a potential
  • open atti­tude towards other cultures
  • accep­tance of dif­fe­rent points of view