Advantages for students

What can you gain by joining the work­shops of „Mię­dzy Innymi” (Amongst Others) ?:

On the level of knowledge:

  • you get to know phe­no­mena at the point of cul­tu­ral con­tact, under­stan­ding their impact on inter­cul­tu­ral coope­ra­tion and lear­ning stra­te­gies how to cope with them
  • you under­stand how your own cul­tu­ral back­gro­und effects your view on the world and your behaviour
  • you extend your know­ledge of possi­ble misun­der­stan­dings in inter­cul­tu­ral com­mu­ni­ca­tion and stra­te­gies how to cope with them
  • you gain infor­ma­tion on pro­gram­mes help­ful for reali­za­tion of your own inter­cul­tu­ral projects
  • you get to know con­cep­tions and methods of non-formal education

On the level of abilities:

  • you deve­lop your abi­li­ties to cope with ambi­gu­ous situ­ations and adapt your beha­viour to a cul­tu­ral context
  • you under­stand and extend your abi­li­ties to ana­lyze values, norms and sche­mes of behaviour
  • you extend your abi­li­ties to abi­li­ties to cope with misun­der­stan­dings and dif­fi­cult situ­ations in various inter­cul­tu­ral contexts
  • You extend your capa­bi­li­ties of cri­ti­cal reflec­tion con­cer­ning for instance their own per­so­nal ste­reo­type con­struc­tion of reality
  • you achieve basic abi­li­ties for work with cross-cultural groups

On the level of attitude:

  • the work­shops give you the possi­bi­lity of developing/changing atti­tu­des basi­cally requ­ired for work in inter­cul­tu­ral sur­ro­un­ding, like e.g.:
    • awa­re­ness of the exi­stence of cul­tu­ral differences
    • sen­si­ti­sa­tion for cul­tu­ral diversity
    • per­cep­tion of diver­sity as a potential
    • open atti­tude towards other cultures
    • accep­tance for dif­fe­rent points of view


  • you expe­rience work­shop methods based on simu­la­tion games, inte­rac­tive exer­ci­ses, discus­sions etc., lead by inter­cul­tu­ral tra­iners, coaches and psy­cho­lo­gi­sts, The team con­si­sts of expe­rien­ced inter­cul­tu­ral tra­iners, coaches and psy­cho­lo­gi­sts, who have wor­ked in this field for many years with youths from Poland and other countries
  • you enrich your peda­go­gi­cal appro­ach with con­cepts of non-formal education
  • you get to know how to bring your inter­cul­tu­ral com­pe­ten­ces to perfection