Description of workshops

Par­ti­ci­pa­tion in the work­shops for inter­cul­tu­ral edu­ca­tion „Mię­dzy Innymi –Amongst Others” is an inde­scri­ba­ble lear­ning expe­rience. Instead of sit­ting at your school bench and liste­ning to the course instruc­tor you will be able to join inte­rac­tive work­shops. They base upon work methods used in non-formal edu­ca­tion. This type of lear­ning allows the par­ti­ci­pants to join the work­shops com­ple­tely and acti­vely. The lesson’s motto is „lear­ning by doing” and you can try the newly acqu­ired and abi­li­ties stra­ight away. Thro­ughout the work­shops we pro­vide the par­ti­ci­pants with a pre­cise amo­unt of know­ledge, abi­li­ties and new com­pe­ten­ces. This takes place in an active, diver­si­fied and inno­va­tive atmo­sphere. Which methods do we use? First of all we count on your pre­vious expe­rien­ces. Fur­ther­more we pro­pose discus­sions, par­ti­ci­pa­tion in simu­la­tion games, work in small gro­ups, inte­rac­tive mini-presentations, role-plays , ana­ly­sis of case stu­dies and short films.

We kin­dly invite you to join the work­shops of „Mię­dzy Innymi” (Amongst Others) !