Anna Szlęk

Anna Szlęk
  • inter­cul­tu­ral psychologist
  • leads natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal tra­ining cour­ses in the fields of: pro­ject mana­ge­ment, work in gro­ups and team buil­ding, acti­va­tion of local society, inter­cul­tu­ral edu­ca­tion, inc­lu­sion of disa­dvan­ta­ged people, coaching as a method for youth assi­stance, participation
  • leads tra­ining cour­ses for teachers with the aim of reali­sing edu­ca­tio­nal exchange pro­gram­mes within German-Polish exchange
  • Con­sul­tant within the pro­gramme „Youth in Action”
  • spe­cia­li­sation
    • pro­gramme „Youth in Action”
    • inter­cul­tu­ral education
    • pro­ject management
    • risk mana­ge­ment in projects
    • assi­stance of youths and teachers