Elżbieta Kielak

Elżbieta Kielak
  • inter­cul­tu­ral psy­cho­lo­gist, tra­iner for cul­tu­ral competences
  • co-editor of pro­gram­mes and tra­iner within inno­va­tive work­shops for the adap­tion of fore­ign stu­dents during their scho­lar­ships at War­saw higher edu­ca­tion institutions
  • author of pro­gram­mes and leader of work­shops pre­pa­ring men­tors for their work with inter­na­tio­nal students
  • co-­au­thor of the publi­ca­tion „Job coun­sel­ling and inter­cul­tu­ral chal­len­ges — a hand­book” Cie­śli­kow­ska, D., Kow­nacka, E., Olczak, E., Paszkowska-Rogacz, A. (2007), War­szawa: KOWEZiU
  • spe­cia­lisation
    • tra­ining of inter­cul­tu­ral competences
    • cul­tu­ral sensitivity
    • adap­tion to life in a new culture
    • inter­cul­tu­ral communication