Foreseen results

Students joining the workshops develop the following com­pe­ten­ces:


  • getting to know and understanding the idea and goals of intercultural education
  • getting to know and understanding the idea and the value of non-formal education
  • getting to know and understanding the most important terms in connection with intercultural education
  • getting to know phenomena at the point of cultural contact, understanding their impact on intercultural cooperation and learning strategies how to cope with them
  • expending knowledge of their own personal cultural background  and its effect on their own personal world view and their own personal behaviour
  • expanding knowledge of possible misunderstandings in intercultural communication and strategies how to cope with them
  • Getting to know programmes helpful for realization of own intercultural projects


  • ability to describe and  explain cultural processes
  • ability to establish and build positive intercultural contacts
  • ability to adapt the own behaviour to a cultural context, capability of coping with ambiguous situations
  • development of abilities concerning effective communication in different intercultural contexts (education, work, private life)
  • Understanding and extension of abilities to analyze values, norms and schemes of behaviour
  • ability to “read” messages according to the communication code of a certain culture
  • Perfection of abilities to cope with misunderstandings and difficult situations in various intercultural situations.
  • ability for critical reflection concerning for instance their own personal stereotype construction of reality


  • awareness of the existence of cultural differences
  • sensitization for cultural diversity
  • perception of diversity as a potential
  • open attitude towards other cultures
  • acceptance of different points of view
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