So humans always have had three possibilities
when meeting others:
they could choose war,
they could erect a wall,
they could start a dialogue…

R. Kapuściński

Have a look around. Take a close look at the world surrounding you – your street, your workplace, your study place, your leisure-time space. More and more often you meet people from other countries, representatives of other cultures – newcomers from Ukraine, Germany, Caucasus, Vietnam, China, Ghana, Spain, Chechnya and Somalia…
Other cultures fascinate us, but we often don’t understand the behaviour of foreign persons, even though we have a common base for understanding as we all speak English.
Why is this? How can we life in an intercultural world? How can we benefit from the richness which is given to us by contact with other people?
As Poland is becoming a country where more and more foreign persons find their new home, you might get in contact with intercultural milieu in future. Maybe in the school class you are going to teach there will be children from other countries.
During our workshops we want to consider what culture really is and what characterizes it. How should we cooperate and how should we create our common reality by dialogue with others, so that it opens possibilities for all and everyone of us can benefit.
„Między INNYMI” (translate Amongst OTHERS) is exactly about this: How can we understand OTHERS without erecting walls between us. How can we start real, intercultural DIALOGUE?

Join us!