Eliza Zadłużna

  • trainer for the pro­gramme „Pol­ska Pomoc (Polish Help)”, a voluntary service of the Polish Foreign Ministry, trainer for the programme „Inte­rcul­tu­ral Navi­ga­tors” of the Bri­tish Council
  • Coordinator and trainer for the Non-formal Academy for Quality Projects
  • Coach for youth groups, fun­dra­iser consultant for NGO’s concerning questions like  strategies for development of local society
  • Coordinator for the programme „YOU.VA – Young Volun­teer Aca­demy”, which has the aim to activate the German minority in Poland
  • spe­cia­li­sa­tion
    • intercultural education
    • development assistance for individuals and organizations
    • training courses for Szko­le­nia dla osób wspie­ra­ją­cych mło­dzież oraz nauczycieli
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